What is a plot plan?

A plot plan is a ’birds-eye’ view of your yard showing the following:

  1. Your house
  2. Your garage
  3. Any other structures on your property
  4. The location of the proposed above ground swimming pool
  5. Where the fence is located
  6. The distances from the outside of the pool to the fence, garage, house, etc.
  7. Location of where the electrical receptacle will be for the pool pump/filter
  8. Location and approximate height of any overhead wiring from the pole to the house or from the house to the garage
    1. Note: do not physically measure the height of these wires

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1. What size pool needs a permit to install?
2. What is the first thing I need to do to obtain a pool permit?
3. What is a plot plan?
4. When should I apply for my permit?
5. Can the pool be placed in the front or side yard?
6. Can I put the pool at the rear or side yard property line(s)? How far must the pool be from my house and garage?
7. Is a permit needed for the pool pump / filter electricity?
8. Can I use the receptacle in my garage for the pool pump / filter?
9. The power lines from the pole to my house will be close to or above the pool, what should I do?
10. Can I use exterior lighting for the pool?
11. Is a fence required for my pool?