Can I construct a carport instead of a garage?


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1. I want to demolish / tear down my garage. Do I have to rebuild a new one?
2. What is the largest size garage that I can build on my property?
3. What do I do if I want to build a larger garage?
4. How high can my garage be?
5. What is the smallest size garage that I can build?
6. Do I need gutters on my garage?
7. What is splash blocked?
8. Do I need to have a floor drain in my new garage?
9. How close to the rear and side yard property lines can I build the garage?
10. What kind of siding can I use on my garage?
11. How many layers of shingles can I have on my garage (or house)?
12. What kind of shingles can I put on the roof?
13. Can I put shingles on a "hood" or flat roof?
14. What are the requirements for constructing a garage pad?
15. Is a footer required?
16. Is a man / service door required?
17. Are windows required for a garage?
18. What permits are required to build a garage?
19. Are garage lights required?
20. Can I construct a carport instead of a garage?