What are the requirements for constructing a garage pad?
  1. You need a 4 inch pad with a 6 inch minimum curb allowing for any wood or siding to be 8 inches above the grade of the land, with a 8 inch deep "rat wall" below on garages 600 square feet or smaller. On larger garages the Residential Code of Ohio requires a minimum of a 36 inch deep footer.
  2. Anchor bolts are installed within 1 foot of each corner and not to exceed every 6 feet.
  3. Number 10 wire mesh is required in the pad and rolled up into the curb to tie both the pad and the curb together.
  4. You need to call your inspector for a forms inspection prior to pouring the concrete; contact the Building Department at 216-635-4203 for more information.
  5. Concrete for the pad shall be a minimum of 6-1/2 sack.

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