Flood Issues

The city is encouraging homeowners who have experienced flooding in the past 2 years to please fill out a Flooding Report form.  This will help to track our flooding concerns and be able to propose a solution.   Please also fill out this form for any future flooding issues that are experienced.   

Residents that experience flooding in their homes should contact the Cuyahoga County Department of Public Works Sewer Service at 216-443-8201.   If the flooding occurs after hours or on a holiday please contact 1-800-683-2689.  

Common Problems that Cause or Contribute to Flooding

 1.    Roots is sanitary/storm lateral

2.    Improper connected storm sanitary lateral

3.    Broken Laterals 

4.    Downspouts connected to footer drains

5.    Surcharge of the main sanitary/storm sewer