Special Pick-Ups

Special Pick-Ups

If you have a special pick-up of trash outside your regular collection day, you must contact the Service Department by 3:30pm on Thursdays to schedule the pick-up. Do not just put the items out and expect them to be collected.

Call 216-635-4232 or email early in the week and get on the list.

If you have not called and scheduled the pick-up, the items will not be picked up, and you must remove them from your tree lawn or be subjected to a violation notice. This is not a new rule, but will be strictly enforced.

Special Pick-Up's  include large items that will not fit in your container such as furniture, tv's, doors, carpet, windows, appliances and fencing.  If you have contractor doing work at your house, it is the responsibility of the contractor to dispose of the waste.  

Items CANNOT be placed on the tree lawn before 5:00pm on Thursday.  If an item can fit in your container you may dispose of it on your regular garbage day.  

Compost items such as grass and branches are to be put out on your regular rubbish day and are not to be discarded on Friday.  

Reminder - there are no special pick-ups during a shortened week because of a holiday.