New Business Occupancy Requirements

A certificate of occupancy shall be obtained from the Building Commissioner by any person desiring to occupy, sell or let for occupancy a retail, commercial or industrial building, or any premises including off-street parking, nor shall anyone allow a building which they own or control or for which they are acting as the agent of the owner to be occupied without obtaining a certificate of occupancy.

Change of Occupancy Permit

When submitting a Change of Tenant - Occupancy Permit Application the following item must be included:

  • Drawing of a floor plan of the proposed store or business
  • The plot plan showing the number of parking spaces
  • Description of business

You will then upload these items to the building department portal as a commercial building permit sub-type Occupancy.

Signage Requirements

New signs require Planning Commission approval. Applicants are required to submit both a Sign Approval Application and Sign Permit Application.

The replacement of sign panels or temporary signage requires a Sign Permit Application.

You will then upload these items to the building department portal as a sign permit.

Commercial Plan Requirements Remodel Projects.

Certificate of Plan Approval application and electronic plans should be uploaded to the building department portal as a commercial building permit.

The plans examination fee is based on the size and scope of the project per the Ohio Building Code.

The applicant will be invoiced separately once the city's contracted Plans Examiner determines the fee.

The review process typically takes 2-3 weeks after payment.

If a resubmittal is required, an additional review fee invoice will be sent.

A written response to the review must be submitted.  

Once plans are approved we will issue the Certificate of Approval and stamped plans.

A certificate of Approval IS NOT A PERMIT. Application for permits should be submitted by the contractor performing the work

The Certificate of Plan approval and stamped plans must be printed and accessible on the job site.

Once the project is complete, As-Built drawings must be emailed to the Building Department.