Open Burning

While open burning is prohibited by local and state laws, it is not the intention of the Fire Department to ban the use of an outdoor fireplace or any other device that contains a fire for a recreational or cooking purpose.

The following are appropriate fire and life safety guidelines that should be followed when using these devices to avoid accidents or other issues:

  1. The device must be located at a minimum distance of 15 feet from any structure.
  2. The device must be attended by a responsible adult at all times while in use.
  3. Fuel, such as seasoned wood, must be used so that it minimizes the generation and/or emission of contaminants.
  4. No materials can be burned that contain rubber, grease, asphalt, plastics, and/or petroleum products. Artificial "wax" fireplace logs are permitted.
  5. The device used, will only be permitted, when atmospheric conditions will allow the dissipation of smoke and contaminants. The smoke must not be deemed objectionable to neighbors.