Home Safety

Fire Safety Tips

View the Brooklyn Fire Department Safety Tips (PDF).

Smoke Detectors

Having a properly functioning smoke detector is an important safety features for all homeowners. The city requires photoelectric smoke detectors in all new construction and the replacement of Ionization detectors with photoelectric detectors (in all structures) as the existing detector needs replaced, or within 8 years.  

If your home smoke detectors are more than 10 years old or if you have no smoke detectors in your residence, the Fire Department will provide free detectors to Brooklyn residents (limit 2 per household).

If necessary, a firefighter can come to your home and install the smoke detector or replace the batteries. Please call 216-635-4288 to request this service.

As a reminder...along with changing your clocks twice a year, it is also advised that you change the batteries in your home smoke detectors. 

Home Safety Evaluations

The department conducts free home safety surveys for Brooklyn residents. This short survey will help identify any existing fire hazards in your home and check the operation of your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Firefighters will offer suggestions to help keep your home safe from the threat of fire or other hazards.  Please call 216-635-4288 to schedule your free home safety evaluation.