The Brooklyn Fire Department is committed to providing quality emergency and educational services to the community.  We are responsible for saving lives and protecting property.  Our department responds to fires, explosions, accidents, medical emergencies, toxic materials and a variety of other threats-often under extreme circumstances.   For these reasons, our firefighter/paramedics train constantly to keep up-to-date with changes in equipment, technology and techniques.

The Fire Department transports to these facilities:

In the event of a life threatening illness or injury it may be necessary to transport to the closest appropriate facility.

Specialized Support

The City of Brooklyn has joined 20 other cities and entities in southwest Cuyahoga County to provide its expertise in the areas of hazardous materials, technical rescue and tactical ems.  Our department provides support as part of this joint effort to specialized police initiatives and the fire investigation task force. This partnership allows each city to share the cost of personnel needed to provide these highly specialized services.

The Brooklyn Fire Department provides:

  • 2 members to the Fire Investigation Unit
  • 2 members to the SWAT Medic Team
  • 2 members to the Tech-Rescue Team

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