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Brooklyn residents are served by various recreational offerings including programs, activities and facilities throughout the City. Parks, recreation amenities and public open spaces positively contribute to a community's quality of life. Outstanding recreation facilities and parks can act as economic development drivers, attracting and retaining residents, businesses, and workforce.

The Brooklyn Recreation Department coordinates and manages the recreation facilities and programs for use by residents. The Service Department assists the Recreation Department and helps with the maintenance of the recreational facilities.

Brooklyn has a comprehensive park system made up of a variety of park types. These park types range from large community parks to smaller neighborhood parks to very small mini parks. In addition, thanks to the Cleveland Metroparks, residents have access to the regional park system.

Leashed and under control dogs are now allowed in Memorial Park.  Please clean up after your pet.

Veterans Memorial Park

Veterans Memorial Park is one of the City's largest recreational sites. It is located behind City Hall as part of the City Hall-Senior Community Center campus that comprises nearly 75 acres. It has two sections: Upper and Lower Veterans Memorial Park.

Veterans Memorial Park is a community park that offers a variety of recreational opportunities. Upper Veterans Memorial Park, adjacent to City Hall includes playground equipment, a small pavilion, the Grande Pavilion (available for rental), restroom facilities and a park building. The Upper Park area also includes a baseball diamond for adult and youth programs. The "Backyard Fun" area has tennis courts, in-line skating, deck hockey, shuffleboard, golf and basketball. Lower Veterans Memorial Park has South Creek Pavilion which is available for rental; a swing area, baseball diamond and restroom facilities.

There is an eight foot wide multi-purpose trail that provides neighborhood access to the park and allows visitors and residents to enjoy both the Upper and Lower Veterans Memorial Park.

Cpl. Knight Commons

This 1.7-acre city-owned mini-park is located southwest of the intersection of  Biddulph and Ridge Roads. Recently renamed from Brooklyn Commons, the park was dedicated in July, 2005 to a young fallen soldier and previous Brooklyn resident.

The Cpl. Knight Commons features a gazebo, a footbridge, walking trail and benches. Several parking spaces are located nearby at the shopping complex and sidewalks are located along Biddulph Road.

James P. Brock Memorial Playground

Brock Playground, named for a resident James Brock who was killed in Vietnam, is located at the southeast corner of Ridge Road and Vandalia Avenue and is roughly a half an acre in size (0.52 acre).

The Brock Memorial Playground is designed for use by children age 14 years and younger. The park includes playground equipment and a handicap-accessible paved area. Only on-street parking is available for this small mini park.

Marquardt Park

This neighborhood park is located south of Biddulph Road between Autumn Lane and Bentwood Drive. The streets of Springwood, Brookhigh and Heather Lane terminate into Marquardt Park. There are slightly less than 12.5 acres of parkland and the park includes a baseball diamond, soccer field, large open field, playground equipment, restrooms and pavilion. On-street parking is available on each of the streets that surround the park. A paved driveway turn-around provides for emergency vehicle access. Currently, a dirt walking trail connects many of the streets that provide access to this neighborhood park.

In addition to active recreation amenities, Marquardt Park also provides recreation opportunities. A wooded out-cropping of trees is located to the park's southern and eastern boundaries and provides a buffer between the nearby residential housing and Interstate 480. There is a walking trail currently in this wooded area. One feature to note about Marquardt Park is that is a dog-friendly park!

Cleveland Metroparks - Big Creek Reservation and Brookside Reservation

A 37-acre portion of the Big Creek Reservation is located in Brooklyn on Memphis Avenue, at the terminus of Tiedeman Road. The rest of the park is located south of the Brooklyn border. A major component of Big Creek Reservation is the Big Creek Parkway, a refreshing alternative to the standard suburban commuter routes to Cleveland. This portion of the reservation runs parallel to Pearl Road from Valley Parkway to Brookpark Road, and is located in Parma, Parma Heights, Middleburg Heights, and Strongsville.

Brookside Reservation is located in Cleveland at the eastern edge of Brooklyn, just south of I-71. Until it was acquired by the Cleveland Metroparks in 1993 it was one of the Cleveland's oldest neighborhood parks, having been purchased by the City in 1894. By the early 1900s, the area had become a center for recreation. Athletic events were popular at that time, and Brookside hosted one of the first city ice skating races in 1901. The 135-acre reservation serves as a refuge for diverse wildlife in an urban setting. It is also an attractive spot for area picnickers and a resting site for walkers, cyclists and others who use the all purpose trail. An all purpose trail connects the reservation to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.