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Investigation Division

The Brooklyn Police Department has within its ranks an Investigation Division comprised of Detectives and Evidence Technicians. These two units work hand in hand to assist the patrol officers in responding to various types of criminal activity and solving crimes.

The Evidence Technicians are trained at the State Police Academy in London, Ohio where they are taught the most current and effective techniques in identifying, collecting and preserving various types of evidence. Some of the tools used by the Brooklyn Evidence Technicians are alternate light sources to locate and identify evidence under unique circumstances, fluorescent fingerprint powders and magnetic fingerprint powders used to locate latent fingerprints on various types of unique surfaces.

The Evidence Technicians also are trained in collecting biological evidence at crime scenes and have solved crimes utilizing DNA located at crime scenes. Another growing trend is video evidence captured by surveillance cameras at stores or businesses. Technological advances allow police investigators to identify perpetrators using video enhancement equipment and to solve crimes.

The Brooklyn Police Department sees the need to stay ahead of the technological curve in law enforcement. By providing its officers with the most current training and equipment, the Brooklyn Police Department is able to provide better service to the community and respond better to its needs.

The Brooklyn Police Department also recognizes the changing trends in criminal activity and has its investigators trained in computer crime response and recognition and data recovery. Investigators also are trained in identity theft response and investigations, which has become a widespread problem in society.

The Brooklyn Police Department has available community pamphlets supplied by the Ohio Highway Patrol on Identity Theft. The pamphlets can be obtained by coming to the Brooklyn Police Department. The pamphlets provide insight in recognizing if your identity has been taken and what precautions you should take in preventing identity theft.