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Crime Watch Program

The Police Department has a Crime Watch Program that has been in effect in our community for many years. In order to enhance the program the city is aggressively working with neighborhoods and establishing Neighborhood Crime Watch Programs.

In order to assist our residents in identifying areas in their homes that can be addressed to better fend off intruders, there is a Home Survey Program. The program enables residents to call the Brooklyn Police Department and schedule an appointment to have a "walk-thru" of their home and yard, whereas, the officer will identify any areas where additional safety precautions can be taken. If you would like to schedule a survey, please call Sergeant Mielke at the Brooklyn Police Department at (216) 749-1234.

Look over our Home & Personal Safety Tips flyer to learn how to make your home safer. The Home Security Checklist will assist you in taking a personal inventory of the security features you have in your home and identify those that you may need to add.