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Compost Program

composting program

At this time, the Service Department will still be accepting compost in brown paper bags.  We are encouraging residents to start phasing them out because most compost facilities will not be accepting them in the near future.  Once the facility starts to enforce this policy, we will no longer be able to accept compost in brown paper bags.  We strongly encourage compost materials to be placed in a garbage can so the service is not interrupted.   

Residents are required to place their yard waste on their tree lawn opposite their regular rubbish on their normal collection day. Yard waste consists of grass clippings, bushes, leaves and branches. Residents will be required to place their grass clippings in open containers or biodegradable bags. DO NOT put loose grass clippings on the tree lawn. They must be contained or bagged. Yard waste cannot be mixed with the regular rubbish. The weight limit on the cans of grass will be 50 pounds. If it is raining on your collection day, please place a lid on your can to help keep the weight to a minimum.

We will not accept any yard waste that is placed in a plastic garbage bag. Plastic bags filled with yard waste will be left on the tree lawn. 

Branches can be put out with the grass clippings on your collection day. Branches must be cut into 4 foot lengths, bundled and limited to one foot in diameter.

Yard waste will be picked up between the months of April to December. The yard waste will be processed and made into compost. Residents will be able to pick up the finished product beginning in May.

Learn Backyard Composting 101 at a Free Seminar!

June 4 at the Brooklyn Senior-Community Center, 7727 Memphis Avenue, at 6:30pm.   

Compost Seminars are open to all county residents and registration is required.  To register for a seminar visit or call 216-443-3731. 

These seminars are designed to teach residents how to properly compost yard waste and food scraps in their backyards while offering low cost compost bins for sale. Backyard composting helps reduce the amount of organic waste sent to landfills while creating a healthy soil additive that can be used in gardens and landscapes