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Community Reinvestment Council

The Community Reinvestment Housing Council serves to assist and encourage development through tax exemptions on the increase in value for new construction or remodeling of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings within the Community Reinvestment Area (CRA).  Meetings are held once a year. 

The Community Reinvestment Council consists of:
  • Two Citizen Members appointed by the Mayor
  • Two Citizen Members appointed by Council
  • One Member appointed by the Planning Commission
  • Two Citizen Members appointed by the previously voted members

Current Community Reinvestment Council Members

Don Hilberg   12-30-20
Dick Kistemaker  12-30-20
Paul Foradora  12-30-20
Alice Miller  12-30-20
Victor Ardito  12-30-20
Tim Simko  12-30-20
Kevin Haig  12-30-20

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