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What's New

laurel garden club

The Laurel Garden Club will hold their next meeting on September 9th. at 7:00pm in the Community Room at the rear entrance of the Fire Station 8400 Memphis Avenue.  All are welcome to attend.  Members will participate in a "Summer Harvest Show and Tell."  Treasures from their gardens will be on display.  Prizes will be awarded in the following categories:  
1. Best Home Grown Flowers
2. Best Home Grown Vegetables
3. Best Home Grown Herbs. 

cuyahoga county public safety and justice services 

Individual Assistance (Homeowners and Individuals) Helping Homeowners and Renters Recover from  Disasters.  Click here to read more.  Questions to ask your Insurance Agent - click here. 

soil health through the seasons

How to care for a chemically-free lawn, keep your soil healthy, and protect our enviornment.  Click here for details.  


cuyahoga county solid waste district

Latex Paint Disposal:  Dry it Up.  Throw it out.  Water based paint is not hazardous and should be disposed of in the trash.  Click here for further information.  


All faiths food pantry

Free Produce!  Fresh fruit and vegetable distribution for low-income residents of the City of Brooklyn, and the Cleveland neighborhoods of Old Brooklyn and Brooklyn Centre!  Click here for information and guidelines. 


the composting program is now in effect!

Residents are required to place their yard waste on their tree lawn opposite their regular rubbish on their normal collection day. Yard waste consists of grass clippings, bushes, leaves and branches. Residents will be required to place their grass clippings in open containers or biodegradable bags. DO NOT put loose grass clippings on the tree lawn. They must be contained or bagged. Yard waste cannot be mixed with the regular rubbish. The weight limit on the cans of grass will be 50 pounds. If it is raining on your collection day, please place a lid on your can to help keep the weight to a minimum.

We will not accept any yard waste that is placed in a plastic garbage bag. Plastic bags filled with yard waste will be left on the tree lawn.

Branches can be put out with the grass clippings on your collection day. Branches must be cut into 4 foot lengths, bundled and limited to one foot in diameter.

Yard waste will be picked up between the months of April to December. The yard waste will be processed and made into compost. Residents will be able to pick up the finished product beginning in May.

Good Shepherd - community meal

Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd 8235 Memphis Avenue
Last Tuesday of each month - doors open at 5:30pm and dinner is served at 6:00pm.  All are welcome. 

cuyahoga county office of emergency management

They have developed and published an updated At-A-Glance Preparedness Resource Fact Sheet.  Click here to read the articles and stay informed! 


cuyahoga county board of health

Controlling Mosquitoes in your yard and Neighborhood.  Mosquitoes can breed in many places around your yard including areas of standing water, unused tires, kiddie pools, and clogged gutters.  Eliminating standing water will help reduce the population of biting adult mosquitoes and allow you to better enjoy the outdoors this summer.