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Animal Care and Control FAQs

Who do I call with an animal related complaint or concern?
If the situation needs immediate attention (i.e., animal hit by car, dog running loose, barking, etc.) then call the Police Department's non-emergency number at 216.749.1234.  Animal Control Officer Miranda Braude can be emailed at

Does my dog need a license every year?
Yes, per Ohio and City law, a county dog license must be obtained by January 31st of each year. You can get them at the County Kennel, the County Administration office or on-line and at Drug Mart.

Does my cat or dog need a Rabies vaccination?
Yes, per Ohio and City law, a Rabies vaccine is required for all dogs and cats over the age of 3 months. The initial vaccine is good for 1 year and then every 3 years from then on.

Are cats allowed to roam free in the City?
No, cats are considered at large just like a dog would be when off of their property, unaccompanied by an owner and off-leash. The City's Animals Running at Large Ordinance, 505.11, applies to both cats and dogs equally.

What about Feral cats?
Residents with feral cat problems should call the Animal Control Officer to review the problem and possible solution.

Does the City handle nuisance wildlife?
No, the City does not respond to complaints by setting traps and euthanizing wildlife. However, the Animal Control Officer will gladly discuss the situation and give guidance on corrections that can be made to try and direct the animal somewhere else.

What about sick or injured wildlife?
This is different - absolutely the ACO will respond to this. If the animal is one that the Lake Erie Nature and Science Center can attempt to rehabilitate then they are taken there. Otherwise, for others that they do not handle or are too far gone from disease or injury to be saved the ACO will humanely euthanize them.

When should I call with welfare concerns for an animal?
Anytime something doesn't seem right. It is better to be wrong then do nothing. You'd be surprised how many people who had a complaint against them that turned out to be nothing are grateful that people are paying attention and care enough to call.